The Learning System is more than a vision for the Fairlands School. It is the framework for everything- the school's culture, philosophy, infrastructure, curriculum, lesson plans, learning levels and curricular activities. It is designed to help every child realize her or his potential.

At Fairlands, we have

  • MI kids- Fairlands has partnered with MI kids to provide international spoken English programme for the nursery kids to give them a good foundation. It improves their pronunciation , vocabulary and helps them to become an independent reader.
  • Smart classes– At Fairlands every single class is a Smart Class- Technology has been embedded into our ‘learning system’ resulting in a cultural shift where essential technology tools like classroom computers, interactive white boards integrated with chalk boards, projectors, stereo sound systems, remote control devices and SAS KIT are an inherent part of the teaching-learning process in our school.These assist teachers in meeting day to day classroom challenges and enhancing student's academic performance with simple, practical & meaningful use of technology.
  • Innovative Textbooks- These are fun and are interactive. They facilitate learning through activities and games.
  • Project file- Students are encouraged to develop their research skills through projects which complement the curriculum, where they record their experiences in the project file.
  • Instructional approach- Our teachers utilize a variety of teaching strategies, resources and organizational skills to facilitate meaningful learning. Our structured plan guides teachers in making learning interactive and application oriented.
  • External Exams– Our children are encouraged and given the opportunity to take up external exams like Olympiad – Asia’s largest international exam for science, cyber, math and English and Spellbee contest. It helps the students to compete and compare themselves on International grounds.

Extending Class Room Boundaries

Co-curricular activities such as drama, role play, puppetry, dance and music help children to broaden their vision and enhance classroom learning. All these activities are carried out under the guidance of teachers who are experts in their respective fields. Eminent personalities are invited for lectures, giving the children and teachers an opportunity to interact with the finest professionals.

Our Partners

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