Welcome to “Fairlands”, Your Child’s “Extended Home”

Mission Statement

  • To nurture and nourish the kid’s creative talents.
  • To help to identify and to enhance their human potentials.
  • To provide a strong academic foundation that encompasses cultural,social, aesthetic, historical, physical and ethical components.
  • To prepare everyone to be true human being.

Philosophy Statement


Fairland’s functions with strong belief on specific philosophy.

  • It commits to respect the nature and the panorama of culture, knowledge and art.
  • Cares both the individual and community by providing quality education with emphasis on intellectual, social, cultural, physical, creative and moral development.
  • Aims to promote the all round growth of all on roll by facilitating the elevation of inner discipline and also by cultivating in every child the natural joy of learning.

Mode of Teaching


The mode of teaching followed in “Fairlands” is an innovative one that had been arrived after a careful observations of the children’s behavior and attitudes.The scope and purpose of its teaching methodology are:

  • Revolutionizing the teaching concepts so as to bring to the classroom a sense of joy and accomplishment.
  • Enabling the children to function in the environment independently.
  • Permitting the children to gain self-esteem and self-reliance by ensuring “Freedom within established limits”.
  • Integrating the application of life skills with academics beyond a search for intellectual skills.
  • Providing due emphasis on exercises in practical life activities, language development, sensor motor development, reading, numerical ability, studies on physical and natural sciences and cultural trends, music, art, drama and body movement.